Summer is here!

Well folks it looks like our first real stretch of well above 90 degree temperatures is almost upon us.  I hope everyone has their irrigation systems dialed in and timed appropriately, as well as fungicides in place.  With the lack of rain even warm seasons grasses may be struggling some.  Now is the time to hold on to whatever fescue you have.  Unfortunately weeds are an issue because many of the products we spray can not be sprayed when it is over 90 degrees on fescue without risking injury to the plant.  Cool season turf is terribly hard to manage in the south.  Good luck to all over the next month and a half.

Here comes the heat....

With summer right around the corner, I hope everyone has their irrigation systems up to speed. Remember for fescue, it is much better to water deeply and less frequent.  For now I would consider watering heavily every third day (assuming no rain) until we are consistently 90 degrees or better then go every other at a little lighter rate.   Also the time of day you water is extremely important. Early in the morning is by far the best, before the dew dries.  If you water in the evenings or afternoons you will lose more water to evaporation and have a much better chance for disease due to the longer period of time you grass stays wet.

Fungus among us...

With the weather being so wet and rainy lately expect tall fescue not treated with a fungicide to start showing signs of disease.  If you have some brown patches evident, especially with adequate moisture, give me a call.  A fungicide application will help keep you grass alive throughout the summer.  It will get worse with warming temperatures.

Summer is almost here...

May 13th, 2017

With summer quickly approaching it is time to start thinking about preventative fungicides for tall fescue.  Keep your eyes open for patches that are roughly circular ranging from 6 inches to a couple feet in diameter that are tan or brown.  This is most likely a disease called brown patch.

Its also time to start thinking about fertilizing those Bermuda and Zoysia lawns.  Aeration can be extremely beneficial as well this time of year.   It aids in water infiltration, gas exchange, and reduces compaction.